The Path of a Goddess

An inclusive environment for black women to congregate and discuss that which pertains to them spiritually, holistically, and emotionally on a natural level.
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 The Path of a Goddess

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PostSubject: The Path of a Goddess   Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:00 pm

There is a path
The goddess walks–
It’s entered through
Her soul.
And though I could
Repeat it here,
She already
It gives her inner confidence,
To know she lives this way,
It is through her demeanor
That she glides through every day.

When the goddess enters,
The people want to see,
They wish to feel the power
Of a woman who is free.
If you’re now a goddess,
Thank you for what you do.
And if you aren’t there yet,
The best of luck to you.
The world needs gentle people,
With spirit to warm the soul;
To walk the goddess’ path
Should be every woman’s goal.

Jan 2015

(my blog)
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The Path of a Goddess
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